My art is the result of my confrontation with the reality of my life and how that reality stands against the reality of the world at a time in human history where neither is properly adapted to a long-term culture of living.

My work therefore, is a way for me to understand our predicament and to explore and share the cultural vehicles that can make all of us suited and fit, to confront the challenges of the world we have created for ourselves.

My finished product belongs to a movement called Data-A Art in which it is art that explores a greater role for life itself in assigning meaning to art.  We in the movement are persuaded to argue that our Data-A work constitutes the first examples of art in the Anthropocene epoch.

So, I am a Data-A Artist. What does that mean?

Data-A is a global art movement launched by the founder, Tiité Baquero and other artists from across the world on December 7th, 2012.   It is a cultural movement proposed at the only scale at which a collaborative effort which can hope to make a serviceable contribution to art and the world.  To learn more about the Data-A movement and to read the manifesto please visit:  

The inclusion of life in my work allows for a consilience of media where their mix, be it in two or three dimensional forms results in works that owe to film, photography, sculpture, painting, installation and performance, in their form and integrity.  

I am currently engaged in 5 major personal projects:  I'earth

                                                                                     Royal Blossom Project

                                                                                     Project Maritima

                                                                                     Tales From The Anthropocene

                                                                                     Love What I See


I am the curator of Worldwide Peace Marker Project collective which is a global work of art by Maestro, Tiité Baquero, and I am responsible for appointing 198 Artist/Ambassadors as well as assist in placing 198 peace markers in 198 nations for the project.  


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